June 28th 2002.  Banow.ca is currently plagued by network limitations and a lack of time.  The new galleries will be available, sometime. . . sorry for the inconvenience.

June 27th 2002.  More new photos than you'll ever actually look at!!  I had a busy weekend, check my out photos of: Football, Ottawa, Marine Land & Niagara Falls, and the CFL Hall of Fame!  . . . captions to come.

June 27th 2002.  My life heads to Ottawa for some football.

June 19th 2002.  I still have a life, sort of.  Check out the latest entry in My Life.

June 15th 2002.  Summerfest 2002 photos!  But, no captions or journal entry though. . . I'm tired.  Come back soon : )

June 4th 2002.  My life continues!  I'm sure you were all very worried, huh.

New photos added to Miscellaneous Gallery!

June 1st, 2002.  Slick new pics! Happy Birthday Emily!  Check out the blast that was Emily's 22nd birthday party here.

May 21st, 2002.  New Pictures! Holy Crap!  I finally splurged and bought a digital camera.  Today I tested it out; check out the pictures here.

May 21st, 2002.  My Life gets busy!

May 16th, 2002.  My Life welcomes Star Wars and hopefully Radio Shack.

May 15th, 2002.  I hate jobs!  Find out why in 'My Life'.

May 13th, 2002.  New entry in My Life!

May 10th, 2002.  NEW SECTION!!  Today I begin a whole new section of Banow.ca, My Life.  Here I will post whatever is currently going on in my life.  Make sure you check it often; who knows, you may find it interesting?

Also!!  Order and captions added to photos in the Photo Gallery!

April 24th, 2002.  Do you like email?  Get: updates on my life, ever-changing contact info, jokes and other junk.  Join the friends@banow.ca Mailing List today!

April 21st, 2002.  It's here!  Due to special request from Ted, you can all take a nostalgic journey through my previous web sites.  Just go to the About Me page.

April 18th, 2002.  New Family Photo Gallery has begun.  Photos added to Miscellaneous Gallery.  News section re-worked!

April 17th, 2002.  Photo Gallery has been somewhat organized!

April 11th, 2002.  This is my website.  Now that's news baby!

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