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Saturday May 19, 2007

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Welcome to my Website!

Hi, I'm Sheldon.  This section is only in it's initial stages; make sure you check back soon!

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Pre -

In the beginning, before the current you have all come to know and love, I had 2 attempts at web development:

Sheldon Banow's Sweet Ass Web Site Pre-Site

The first, undeservedly titled "Sheldon Banow's Sweet Ass Web Site", I created one day (sometime in March 2000) while on work term at Partner Technologies Inc. in Regina, Saskatchewan.  If you decide to check it out, you will find it blatantly obvious that this is my first web site.  I believe I break every rule on how to make a site not appear the work of an amateur.  So go ahead, I have no shame.  Don't expect any of the links to still work, but never fear -  you can still enjoy the midi styling of Scatman!

Next, came the " Pre-Site".  This site was created nearly 1 year later, during February 2001.  Though the site contained nothing but Flash movie announcing the coming of, it was an immediate success!  Visitors would return again and again to experience the exhilarating preview, which featured the popular Jaws theme.  Due to special request, you can now continue to enjoy it here exclusively on

. . . more about me coming soon!


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