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Saturday April 21, 2007

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Welcome to my My Life!

Hi, I'm Sheldon.  This section follows what's currently going on in my life.  Though my life is pretty dull, I'll try to keep you updated on whatever few possibly interesting things may be happening with me.  Check out the My Life Archive for older happenings.

Saturday October 4, 2003

Finals are long over, marks are even back!  I'm quite pleased with the results.  I've moved to Cambridge, Ontario.  Started work at Toyota (making the Corolla, Matrix, and Lexus RX330) a month ago.  I've got to say I'm quite pleased with it, too.  The days are extremely busy, I have not yet had a single hour of 'down time'.  The people there are incredibly hard workers.  Everyone is always on time, nobody ever leaves early (usually many hours late, long after I've gone). . . I haven't even heard the word 'break' all month!  All in all, it seems like a very well-run company, and the staff is certainly top-notch.  Everyone has a minimum of at least a CMA or CGA, and many have an MBA to boot!  I mean everyone, not only the managers.  Needless to say, I sometimes feel a little inexperienced.  I do think I'm doing a pretty good job and have even been told so; hopefully I can keep it up.  The people are nice, there's lots of work, and I'm learning a lot of new things - it's a good job.  They even hired Great Big Sea to play a free concert for employees to celebrate the Lexus roll-off, and it was pretty good.  Vote in my new poll and let me know how much you are liking your job or school program.

Since my last update, I've taken so many pictures!  Today I've posted EIGHT brand-new galleries.  I even had to add new page.  Check out Photo Gallery 4 here.  The new pictures include: The Concert for Toronto, Ryan's Graduation, Kincardin & Port Elgin, Derek's Farewell & Elaine's Birthday, another outing to Jen's Cabin, Sue's Brother's Roommate's Wedding, Riders vs. Ti-Cats in Hamilton, and my trip to Montreal with my brother Jeff.  Enjoy.

Saturday August 2, 2003

Yes, I'm aware it's been a month and a half since I've last updated this page.  Have I done absolutely zilch  that I simply have nothing to write home about?  No, the opposite is true.  I've just been too darn busy, not always with the most interesting things, but many things none-the-less.  I just finished midterms last Monday, but before I had a chance to be relieved. . . I wrote my first final yesterday.  So the next two weeks consist of three more finals and a couple assignments I have to complete.  All should go well except for one course in which there is no hope of doing well (reminds me of Engineering).  Something somewhat interesting occurred during yesterday's final: the fire alarm went off.  It felt like something out of a movie.  Obviously it was some disgruntled student or prankster, the professor wasn't even sure if we should bother evacuating the building.  Certainly he realized the liability involved if we were all to actually burn to death, and we were eventually directed to leave.  Half an hour later, after most of us had a thorough chance to discuss the exam questions with each other, we were herded back into the building to finish the exam.  Yes, my degree will be credible!

With my help, the UW Economics Society managed to hold four successful events this term: Pub Night, Pool / Pizza Night, a BBQ, and the classic Wine & Cheese Social.  Pictures from each event can be found here.

I'm still putting in time at Radio Shack.  I likely should have quit already to concentrate on finals, though I have cut back on the hours.  Next week should be my last.  I finish exams on the 13th, get kicked out of my apartment on the 14th, move to Cambridge and start at work at Toyota on September 2nd.  They're calling me a 'Cost Management Specialist'; sounds cool, huh.  I'm also taking a course online this fall, so I shall remain busy.

I was home to Esterhazy, Saskatchewan on the Canada Day weekend for my younger brother, Ryan's, high school graduation.  It was a nice trip, he cleaned up with the awards and scholarships too.  This fall, he'll be making his way to the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon with plans of becoming a math and physics teacher.

The SARS benefit concert at the Skydome in June was really good.  This week's Rolling Stones and Friends concert in Toronto was even better!  Me and 450 000 of my closest friends (sorry, if you weren't invited) enjoyed a great.  AC/DC, The Guess Who and the Rolling Stones were awesome, Justin Timberlake was, well. . . an odd addition to the line-up.  Stay tuned for photos from both concerts.  Back to work for me.

Sunday June 15, 2003

Hey!  Sorry for the lack of updates over the last while.  I've been super crazy busy lately, as usual.  I'm back in school at UW, and I can't believe it but the term is already half over!  The term has been flying by: I've already completed four midterms (only five more to go. . . sheesh), gone through a million co-op job postings, had 9 job interviews, been elected President of the UW Economics Society, and gone back to working part-time at Radio Shack.  I guess I shouldn't feel too bad, according to the latest poll results 50% of you are spending the summer taking classes, and the other 50% are all working - nobody is doing nothing or traveling / on holidays!  What's happened to summer?!  I suppose I haven't had a summer off since grade 9; goodbye childhood.

The good news is that I just found out co-op has worked for me again this term.  I've received fall job offers from Research In Motion (Ottawa) and Toyota (Cambridge).  Now, I've got to decide by tomorrow afternoon which to choose. . . I'll let you know.

So, yes, I decided to go back to Radio Shack.  It was convenient, plus I don't think my chances finding another part-time job for only four months were very good.  I've been working two days a week which I think has been too much, so I'm planning on trying to cut it back to only one.

Hopefully there is some fun in store for me.  I'm going to the SARS (I'd better not get SARS) concert at the Skydome next Saturday.  Get to see: Our Lady Peace, Barenaked Ladies, Tragically Hip, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, as well as a bunch of others performing at the ACC.  The four-day Canada Day weekend should also be a bit of a break.  Back to studying for now.

Saturday April 19, 2003

Happy Easter!  I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend; I'm sorry for those who are spending it studying.  I'm not up to a whole lot this weekend myself, but am sill enjoying it.  With only two full weeks of work left before I'm back to school, I'd better be enjoying it.  Soon I'll be studying and/or working every weekend.  Make sure you vote in my new poll to let me know what you're doing this summer.  The previous poll results showed 54% of you missed dearly, 23% didn't realize it had been down, while the remaining 23% were first time visitors.

I've been pretty busy at work this past while, and my last two weeks are surely going to be hectic.  There are a lot of things I've got to finish up before I leave, plus I keep on getting more every day.  I don't even want to think about my damn work report; bring on the last minute.  At least, by the looks of it, my summer course load shouldn't be too rough.  I'll be taking another statistics course, a math/calculus course, a course in finance, Psychology 101 (should be interesting), and Music 140 (study of jazz, rock & roll, and 20th century popular culture - should be fun).  Hopefully I'll also be able to find myself a decent part time job so that I eat and maybe even have a little fun (damn tuition and rent).  Anybody out there have any part-time job leads for Waterloo?  This summer I'll be living in Mackenzie King (a new apartment style residence at UW); it will be my first time ever having air conditioning!  Unfortunately I'll be living with 3 mystery roommates.  In the past I've had luck with mystery roommates, hopefully that doesn't change.  Plus, I really do not like living by myself. . . it's terribly boring.  Anyhow, bye for now.

Tuesday March 18, 2003

Welcome back, is again up and running!  Vote in the latest poll to let me know if you missed it.  The results of my previous poll concluded the best thing about winter is definitely winter sports; hopefully you're all not too disappointed that winter seems to have finally ended!  I had fun this winter.  Went skating a few times, skiing twice (once with my whole department at Bell - talk about a good day at work!), saw the theatrical show Mamma Mia, and other things.  Make sure you check out the Photo Gallery for my latest batch of pictures.  Anyhow, I worked hard tonight getting the site back up and posting all the new photos, so I must cut this short and get to bed.  Plus yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, so I'm even more tired than usual.

Wednesday January 15, 2003

Back in business!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  My Christmas was pretty good.  Saskatchewan can be boring but my family finally went out and got digital satellite TV, so that kept me fairly occupied.  But I honestly did have a good time; seeing many of my high school friends on P2 night and at the Boxing Day Cabaret was really good.  Sadly fewer and fewer people are showing up each year, possibly some people actually have lives?  It was also nice to see my family since I hadn't seen much of them since last Christmas, aside from a few brief visits over the year.

Now I am living in Toronto and on work-term at Bell Mobility in Mississauga.  I started on January 3rd and haven't accomplished much thus far.  My manager is ill and hasn't even been to the office since I began.  Also, since the department is between projects right now, nobody has all that much to do.  I did get to spend all of today talking to Americans on the phone.  Hopefully my manager is able to return to work and a new project gets underway soon; days go by really slow when I'm not busy.  I spend most of my day socializing with the others around the office, I suppose one could say that I'm networking (which actually was in the job description!).  Everyone in the office seems really friendly so I am having a relatively good time at work; though I've really got to stop going out for lunch every day.  The office has a very large cafeteria and even an on-site Tim Horton's!  Just today I got my company cell phone.  The number is 416-807-0906.  I plan on using it as my primary phone, so if you want to reach me, that's the number.  Since I'm living by myself in the suburbs, I don't have a lot to do after work during the week.  I signed up for the fitness centre at work on Monday, and am proud to say that I actually went yesterday and today - plus I plan to go tomorrow (if I can move).  Anyhow, talk to you again soon.

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