Feb 19 2004.  Loads of NEW PHOTOS!

Annette's Birthday, Toyota Christmas Party, Christmas & New Year's, Ted's & Karen's Birthdays, and Newfoundland!

Oct 4 2003.  UPDATES!!  Finally.

Eight new Photo Galleries! All new fourth page of photos.

Of course, a new Poll --->

Aug 2nd 2003.  Midterms are finally over. . . just in time for finals.

Find this term's Economics Society pictures here.

June 15th 2003.  Super Crazy Busy! (I should be studying right now).

Poll.  Where do you want to live? --->

June 1st 2003.  Wonderland Photos posted.

April 19th 2003.  Happy Easter!  Find Pictures from the EconSoc Wine & Cheese here.

An link Email@Banow.ca has been added for those with accounts at Banow.ca.

Plus, a new Poll! --->

Mar 18th 2003.  Banow.ca is back!  Did you miss it?

Check the whole whack of new pictures!

Jan 19th 2003.  New photos of Ted's Birthday!

Jan 15th 2003.  My Life is back!  Plus, the Miscellaneous gallery has been updated.

Jan 8th 2003.  Photos of my Christmas break in Saskatchewan are finally up!   Plus, make sure you vote in my new poll.

My Life should be updated next week; I'm still waiting to get my internet at home going.

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